Underrated Online Casino Games That One Must Try

On the one hand, there are so many games in casinos with high payouts and high winning potential games like slots; on the other, there are popular games like Roulette, blackjack, etc., taking over the internet. There are some of the underrated casino games that are a must to be considered playing:

Ultimate Texas Hold’em

People who have played blackjack might have heard of Texas Hold’em. It was once a popular game, but other games like slots had taken over the image. This game has an excellent RTP percentage, and in particular, many casinos have Ultimate Texas Hold’em. Some casinos still offer this game, and few tournaments are conducted, helping players get back into this game. The RTP percentage is 99.27%, and the house edge is just 0.73% over the players. It can be said as one of the best variants of Blackjack.

Texas Hold'em


Baccarat is a game that is gaining its popularity these days after a few light-years. If you have to bet on a tie, you get a payout of 9 to 1 on the dealer card or the player’s card for the money. A tie bet is nothing more than a side bet. The RTP of many versions of baccarat is 98.94% which is higher than many popular games. The house edge is just 1.06% for a player, and it is a game available in most online casinos in the US and UK sites.

French Roulette

French Roulette

French Roulette is a Roulette variant that is very beneficial to the players. It is used in most online casinos in the US, and French Roulette overtakes American roulette within a few years. It is a little different from the American Roulette wheel as it uses a European roulette wheel and has additional rules. The odds are better in this variant and boost 98.65% with a house edge of just 1.35%. Extreme rules like “En Prison” or “LA Partage” are added to the regulations of the European version.


Craps is undoubtedly one of the most underrated casino games, which can be intimidating at land-based casinos. It is mainly when there are several men around the table, shoulder to shoulder. But in online casinos, there is no sheer pressure on the players as they can play freely. If the odds are passed, it is undoubtedly an exciting, challenging, and entertaining game with an RTP of 98.59%. If the odds don’t give, then the RTP will be 98.64%.

video poker

Better video poker

Video poker is not often played in either of the land-based casinos or online casinos. They are just used to win free drinks. It is a game with the best RTP at a casino. There are different versions in the “Game King” video poker, and the variants are at their best with the best odds. It has an RTP of 98.91% and is similar or better than many slots and table games.

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